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1 establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts; "his story confirmed my doubts"; "The evidence supports the defendant" [syn: corroborate, sustain, substantiate, support, affirm] [ant: negate]
2 strengthen or make more firm; "The witnesses confirmed the victim's account" [syn: reassert]
3 make more firm; "Confirm thy soul in self-control!"
4 as of a person to a position; "The Senate confirmed the President's candidate for Secretary of Defense"
5 administer the rite of confirmation to; "the children were confirmed in their mother's faith"

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  1. To strengthen; to make firm.
  2. To confer the Christian sacrament of confirmation.
  3. To assure the accuracy of previous statements.

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to strengthen
to confer the confirmation
to assure

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Confirmation can refer to: See also the Reform Judaism article about its Confirmation ceremony
confirm in Polish: Konfirmacja

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OK, accede, accept, acclimate, acclimatize, accommodate, accredit, accustom, acquiesce, adapt, addict, adjust, administer the Eucharist, affirm, amen, anoint, approve, assay, assent, assure, attest, audit, authenticate, authorize, autograph, back, back up, be sponsor for, bear out, bed, beef up, bind, bolster, bond, brace, brace up, break, break in, bring to test, buttress, case harden, certify, check, check and doublecheck, check out, check over, chrism, circumstantiate, clinch, collate, condition, consent, corroborate, cosign, countersecure, countersign, cross-check, cut and try, deep-dye, define, do duty, document, domesticate, domesticize, double-check, embed, encourage, endorse, engraft, engrave, ensure, entrench, essay, establish, etch, experiment, familiarize, fix, fortify, found, gentle, gird, give a try, give a tryout, give permission, give the go-ahead, give the imprimatur, give thumbs up, ground, guarantee, guaranty, habituate, harden, have a go, housebreak, impact, implant, impose, impress, imprint, infix, ingrain, initial, inscribe, insure, inure, invigorate, jam, justify, lay hands on, lodge, make good, minister, naturalize, nerve, notarize, officiate, orient, orientate, pack, painstakingly match, pass, pass on, pass upon, perform a rite, perform service, permit, plant, play around with, practice upon, print, probate, prop, prove, put to trial, ratify, recheck, recognize, refresh, reinforce, reinvigorate, research, restrengthen, road-test, root, rubber stamp, run a sample, sample, sanction, say amen to, scrutinize comparatively, seal, season, seat, second, secure, set, set in, settle, shake down, shore up, sign, sign and seal, sign for, sponsor, stamp, stand behind, stand up for, steel, stereotype, stiffen, strengthen, subscribe, subscribe to, substantiate, support, sustain, swear and affirm, swear to, take to, tame, taste, temper, test, toughen, train, triple-check, try, try it on, try out, undergird, underpin, undersign, underwrite, uphold, validate, verify, visa, vise, vouch, warrant, wedge, witness, wont
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